Custom 3D Printing

OBJ Prints

What I do.

       Custom 3D printing combines my passion for this technology with the desire to serve others. My hope in providing a simple service for the public is that I am able to extend the hobby to the community around me. Working with you to create your idea is one of the most enjoyable experiences I can have in this hobby because of smiles it brings when someone realizes the power of cooperation and technology. The power to make your dream, idea, and passion succeed is in your hand. That’s what I do, but what will you do?

Tronxy P802m

The P802m is the first printer with which I started OBJ Prints. After many long hours and many kind words exchanged, this printer built a strong foundation for OBJ Prints.

Creality Ender 3

The 2nd printer in my arsenal. This printer is a beast when it comes to high-speed printing! The Ender 3 is also the printer that I use to complete my laser engraving.


OBJ Prints Store

To make finding your favorite 3D printed items easier, OBJ Prints has created an online on! Now you can find the same products on Etsy here, for a better price.

The 3D printed carabiner.

With many wondering how much these plastic carbiners could hold, I decided to put them to the test. Watch to find out how much of a beating they can take!