3D Printer Package

Monoprice V2 Select Mini

The Monoprice Select Mini is an amazing combination of technology and resourcefulness. Equipped with a name brand extruder and precise stepper motors, this printer is great for any home or office set up. Each package includes 1 Printer, 1 kg of White PLA, and free installation of the programs. Installation is simple and quick; only one main program is needed (Ultimaker Cura). Cura comes with settings for beginners and experts and ensures you’ll always have something to learn while working with this printer.


  • Quick program install
  • Wide-ranging file designing platforms
  • Included 2.2lbs of PLA Plastic (White)
  • E3D Hotend
  • Micro SD card included
  • Build volume: 4.73″ x 4.73″ x 4.73″

Packages only available near Quakertown, PA

Contact Jwitte@objprints.com, or reach out over most social media to get more information.